The war of May Madness has been won… but another fight has just started. Or rather, it had just started, until suddenly it hadn’t.

Allow me to explain you haven’t yet heard, while we have successfully voted to keep May Madness as May Madness (good call fellow students), another one of our beloved traditions has recently been said to be on the line. The Margaret Hood Ball is a semi-formal that has occurred every spring for at least the last twenty years. It’s sort of the second semester equivalent of Messiah, and is another opportunity for students to get dressed up and have some fun. From what I have gathered, it is officially a student run initiative that takes place thanks to the freshman class council, and because we don’t have much of one this year, the dance has been rumored to not be happening.

When I originally heard this, I understood, at least a little bit. I get that it is ultimately the responsibility of the freshman class council to organize the dance, and if they don’t show any interest, that’s just the way it is. However, I also thought that some people were underestimating how involved other students would be in the process if they possibly had the chance. If the dance was at a risk of being cancelled – a dance that many students enjoy and look forward to – why not tell the students in a campus wide email? What was the problem with letting students know, and figuring out if maybe some different students would be interested in organizing the event?