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Have you ever thought about what a movie is? What lies behind reyd 3 this concept, what types of films exist and how they are created? This is an extremely interesting and fascinating art form. When creating a film, not only the result (the finished film) is interesting, but also the process of creating a film. Let’s find out how films are created, the definition of cinema What is cinema? The term «cinema «is translated from Greek as»recorded movement». Cinema appeared in the late nineteenth century and at that time all the films were exclusively black and white, and the film did not have sound tracks, which is why this period is called the era of silent cinema. It was at this time, and there was a definition of «cinema», which is the best way to describe this new art form. Nowadays, the concept of «cinema» is used, but not very often. Instead, the abbreviated term «cinema»is used. The finished product of this art form is called a sher yurak kino uzbek tilida 1 film. The term also applies to movie theaters as a short name for the data structures.
From the point of view of history, cinema in its present form has survived two eras. The very first-the era of silent films. This era is known for the fundamental development of cinema. The first silent films were exclusively documentaries and their duration did not exceed one and a half minutes. With the development of science and technology the length of movies has increased to 15-20 minutes, which led to the emergence of various cinematic genres. One of the most famous was the Comedy genre, which gained popularity thanks to the world — famous film actor, Director, screenwriter and composer-Charlie Chaplin. In 1922, the first black and white film with sound was shown in Berlin. This was the beginning of another revolution in the world of cinema. Most of the films began to resemble modern theater musicals.
The first color films appeared even before the technology of creating sound films was implemented. The film was shot on a regular black and white camera, and during the installation artists manually painted each frame. The beginning of the era of color cinema is considered to be 1935,when the full-length color film Becky Sharp was released. Types and genres of cinema there are only a few basic types of cinema. They can be divided into two main types: documentary and feature films. Documentary cinema is the first type of cinema. Documentaries depict only real events and real personalities. If the film shows the reconstruction of any events, it will be artistic and documentary.