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Free Ethereum Free Ethereum (Ether, ETH)
Free EthereumEthereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime earn Ethereum, censorship, fraud or third party interference. In many ways Ethereum is how the Internet was supposed to work. Free, open and uncensored.

To run application on the Ethereum network you need to have ether. Ether (ETH) is the currency that is distributed to the miners and contributors for upholding the network.

So to get Ethereum you can always start mining with your computer or dedicated Ethereum mining hardware or Ethereum cloud mining services. However, there is other ways that you can acquire Ether (ETH). By adding you wallet address to Ethereum facuets you can start earning Ethereum today banggood cashback. You can also receive Ether by completing tasks such as visiting websites, downloading and playing games, watching videos and answering surveys.

What do You Need to Get Free Ether?
A Local or Online Ethereum Wallet

Whether you use local or online Ethereum wallets does not matter. Maybe the complicated installation of the local Ethereum Geth wallet is turning you off. If so, then you could always get an online wallet from BIT.AC, the wallet is easy to create and does not require to be downloaded and installed. With BIT.AC you can also convert your Ethereum to Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies quickly.

Your Wallet Address

This can be found in your wallet software or your wallet page (if using an online wallet). The wallet address is usually very easy to find within the interface and is a Base58-encoded string similar to this one : http://cashrebates.me/.
A Computer and a Browser (or Mobile Device)

Below you will find a selection of Ethereum faucet and earning websites. Follow the instruction on each site to complete the collection of your free Ether. Usually it’s as simple as copying and pasting in your Ethereum address in the wallet address field, filling in the reCaptcha and hitting the claim button.