buy tomb of sargeras mythic


Картинки по запросу buy tomb of sargeras mythicGuarantee: at least 4 items in case 7/9 run mode, 3 items in case 5/9 run mode, 2 items in case 3/9 run mode with Master Loot and minus 1 item slot for each any don’t need option buy tomb of sargeras mythic chosen.

If You’re NOT selecting additional options, such as, Priority on Relics, Priority on Tiers or Priority on Necks, Backs, Rings, You still will get those items if raid don’t need it. If You DO select those options – You will get all of either Relics, Tiers or Necks, Backs, Rings with the TOP PRIORITY.

We are offering high quality streams with records, where you actually can see all loot (we mouse-over on every loot piece so you can pause the video and check everything). Other services just offering cheap prices and bad quality streams with everything hidden and most likely scam you on loot.


Account region: Europe
Minimum 915 gear is required (or you can use our offer – Gear 915 Item Lvl) (even in case Self Play).

Be ready to do some decent dps/hps on some bosses in case Self Play

Realm transfer is required for mythic orders (as it will be not cross realm)

Raid takes around 3 hours.

Try us because:

We are 8+ years on market of WoW services as a legal company with with high business level, full license from gate2shop and thousand of reviews and feedback from real people on different forums like ownedcore and Facebook.
Top raids that do runs in time and with best quality.
We have runs everyday!
Once your payment went through, our Customer Support will contact you within 15 minutes (during work hours) via Skype or E-mail you left in order notes and ask you for your battle.tag and account info. is a partner of Gate2Shop, the most secure payment system in the world providing 80 different payment methods depending on customer’s country.
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